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Australian Travel Companions

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Travel Australian Companion

Hello gentlemen, my name is Stephanie Hunter. I am based in Melbourne,Australia, however I frequently travel throughout Australia by invitation.

I have scalled back on touring throughout Australia. Australian tours are not as reliable as they once were, and so I have decided to travel only via request.
Depending on your location, and travel time, I am happy to meet f4 hours as a minimum. Maybe not to Perth, as the travel time is longer, but certainly, throughout NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

I have created a few packages that are visible on my fees page. All packages are inclusive of travel expensises, and the fee is inclusive of my time.

Naturally, overnight and dinner dates are given a priority.

Private Mature Australian Escort

I am a more mature companion, ( late 40s) and so, prefer the company of more discerning older gentlemen. Purely because they have life experience, and I want to spend time with a man, who has lived. Conversation flows much easier, and is organic and natural. I dont really want to babysit with someone young with limited life experience. It is just a personal choice.

Of course, if you travel to Melbourne on business or leisure, I would also be happy to meet in my home town.

the 4 hour minimum does not apply in Melbourne, but of course happy to meet for an extended date here too.

You can find my fees here.

To schedule a date to meet, feel free to call, or email me.

Tel – 0400 992 626

email –

Australian Travel Companions

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