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Are you searching for partners – adult websites online to swap links and banner exchanges?

I am happy to swap links with reputable adult related websites. Below you will find my banner. Please download it to your website in a prominent position, and link to:

You must also add a title / ALT keyword to the banner ” fly me to you escorts”

When I run my mouse over the banner I need to see that keyword. If that is not added to my banner, I will not go ahead with the exchange, I am sorry.

Furthermore, I have found in the past websites that will go ahead with the exchange, and a few weeks, or a few months down the track quietly remove my link. Sometimes even keep the banner, but remove my link.

Please do not waste my time or yours doing this. My link exchanges are automatically monitored. Once its picked up the link is no longer active, I will not only remove your link without notification, but will never engage in a banne exchange with you.

I have zero patience for shady behaviour.

If you are happy to do a mutual exchange, then let’s get to business and do our banner exchange!

Once you have added my banner , please send me your banner and details to:

My Banner:

Fly Me To You Escorts

Please link the banner to:


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